Q and A

Q1: When is the best time to use Cold-Q™?

A1: Cold-Q was designed to target the site at which cold/flu viruses attack, with the objective of attacking the virus at the very early stages of development. Consider using Cold-Q at the very first sign of cold/flu symptoms like a sore throat, runny nose, coughing and so on.  Continue spraying until you no longer feel symptoms.

Q2: What if I already have a cold or flu?

A2: If you have a full blown cold or flu, spray Cold-Q.  A clinical study showed that approximately 80% of patients who sprayed with Cold-Q were free of symptoms within two days of treatment with the product as compared to the control group which showed less than 10% response by day 3.

Q3: How does Cold-Q™ help with headaches/migraines?

A3: We believe that those suffering from headaches not related to the flu might also experience relief from using Cold-Q. To test this concept we conducted a small informal study. Click here to see the results of the informal headache/migraine study.

Q4: How often can I take Cold-Q™?

A4: Recommended dosage is 5 sprays to the back of the throat, 3 times per day. Continue spraying until you no longer feel symptoms of a cold, flu or migraine/headache. Simply wait 30 minutes upon spraying before you eat or drink.

Q5: Is it possible to take too much Cold-Q™?

A5: Short and long-term animal toxicity studies indicate the product is safe. Mice were given 500 times the dose that humans take for colds and flu, with no noticeable toxic effects.

Q6: Do I need to spray Cold-Q™ on an empty or full stomach?

A6: That’s the beauty of Cold-Q, it simply doesn’t matter. As Cold-Q is an oral spray, it goes right to the back of the throat where cold and flu viruses attack. Unlike pills, Cold-Q goes right to the source of the viral attack and does not need to work to work it’s way through the body. Simply wait 30 minutes upon spraying before you eat or drink.

Q7: How long is the Cold-Q™ spray bottle good for after being opened?

A7: Cold-Q is made with purified ingredients and do not require a preservative. This makes Cold-Q very stable, which allows for a very long shelf life. The expiry date is printed on both the bottle and the box. As long as the cap is reapplied after each use the product can be used until its expiration date.

Q8: How safe are the natural ingredients in Cold-Q™?

A8: All of the natural ingredients in Cold-Q are approved by Health Canada and are listed as safe on Health Canada’s monograph. Each bottle of Cold-Q has an Natural Product Number (NPN).

Q9: Should I keep my bottle of Cold-Q™ in the fridge once opened?

A9: Cold-Q does not require refrigeration, but do keep Cold-Q out of reach from children.

Q10: Can I travel with Cold-Q™ and take it on the airplane?

A10: Absolutely! Cold-Q meets the airline specifications for liquid volume.  We suggest you take Cold-Q along with you whenever you travel.

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