Why it works?

Enhanced Brain Bioavailability

The key to any supplement is how well your body can absorb and make use of its active ingredients. All too often, supplements are ineffective because they cannot be adequately absorbed. 

For most ingredients, their delivery to the brain is a long journey. Cerbella™ employs 2 amplified absorption technologies: 

1.    A proprietary emulsification technology and; 

2.    A chemical complexation technology

Together, these technologies increase the product’s bioavailability into the brain by as much as 10 fold, ensuring the very best in brain defense.

Clinically Validated Efficacy

There are profound problems with the quality of supplements in North America. Some reports suggest that over 80% are not living up to what they promise and furthermore, are not supported by science. 

Cerbella™ is different. Cerbella™ is supported by extensive pre-clinical validation for brain function as well as brain absorption. Cerbella™ has recently been shown to improve cognition and memory in a human clinical trial conducted at the Pennington Biomedical Research Centre at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Highest Purity and Potency Available on the Market

Roughly 81% of supplements on the market today are reported to contain contaminants, such as fungicides, pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and synthetics. The ingredients found in Cerbella™ have been rigorously tested against its competitors for purity. Cerbella™’s ginseng extract bears no resemblance to what is currently available on the market and is recognized for its unparalleled level of purity. In addition, Cerbella™ is recognized as a pharmaceutical grade product due to the high concentration of bioactives in its ingredients. This level of potency narrows the competitive landscape by at least 40%.

Innovative and Smart Mono-Dose Packaging

Cerbella™ is pre-measured for convenience and packaged in the world’s only one-hand opening, mono-dose package -- EasySnap. These easy to open snaps allow virtually no air inside, extend freshness, and can be taken with you wherever you go.

Developed By World-Renowned Neuroscientists

With over 25 years of research & development experience in Neurosciences & Health, we offer Cerbella™ with sound data and proven efficacy.

Highly Absorbable Liquid Form

The liquid form of Cerbella™ makes it more easily absorbed by the body and also differentiates it from the capsules, tablets, softgels, chewables, and powders that comprise nearly 65% of all brain health supplements on the market today. Nutrition Business Journal reported (2014), that 68% of seniors would prefer a liquid supplement to a capsule form, citing the amount of individual tablets and capsules they’re already taking for pre-existing medical conditions.

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