Q and A

Q1: What is the recommended duration of usage for those taking Cerbella?

A1: Cerbella is designed as a daily, lifelong supplement for short-term improvement in cognition as well as long-term neuroprotection.  The benefits of improved cognition were measured after 30 days of use in the clinical study.

Q2: How should individuals taking Cerbella determine the number of snaps to take in a day?

A2: If an individual is experiencing any cognitive decline or challenges, a higher dose is recommended.  Likewise, a higher daily dose is also recommended, if the individual has a family history of neurological disease or is over the age of 50.  It is not recommended to take more than 4 snaps per day.

Q3: Cerbella's product label lists 2 snaps per day as one serving, what is the basis of this recommendation?

A3: The serving size is based on the Health Canada monograph to attain a sufficient amount of actives.

Q4: Other than the precautions already labelled on the box, are there any further side effects to taking Cerbella?

A4: No, there are no additional side effects.

Q5: Are there any drug-to-drug interactions associated with taking Cerbella?

A5: Cautions with specific types of drugs are labelled on the box, however these are just cautions and not contraindications.

Q6: How should Cerbella be stored? How long can it be stored for?

A6: Cerbella will last 12 months if stored at room temperature. Storage in refrigeration will significantly extent shelf life. Cerbella should not be exposed to temperatures above 30°C for an extended length of time.

Q7: How does Cerbella taste?

A7: Cerbella is currently available in a liquid form with a delicious tropical mango flavour! Some customers may taste a mild fishy flavour, which is normal, but it has no affect on the quality or nutritional content of Cerbella.

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